I’m not even a Marine yet and I’m already getting some benefits, yo!

So these dudes from Chase came to PT the other day to talk to me and the other poolees about banking and being smart with your money and yadda-yadda and I figured it was mainly for the youngins (I don’t really know, because I showed up kind of late that day, har…), because, I mean, I’ve had a bank account for years and I’m pretty good about my money and all that. But, what caught my attention was the fact that they offer certain services to military personnel and I figure, hey, if I’m going to serve my country, I’m sure as hell going to take advantage of whatever benefits get thrown my way. I mean, this is the girl that went to conventions and took a bunch of free stickers just because I could. I like free things, okay?

But unlike stickers, this stuff is actually useful. Not going to bore y’all with the details, but pretty much I can get a free premier checking account with Chase and it comes with some nice little perks. It also comes at a good time, because I’ve been considering getting an account that isn’t connected to my mom’s for a while. Not that I don’t trust my mother or anything, but I got that account when I was like, sixteen and wasn’t old enough to have one by myself. But it’s about time I get my big girl account.

Anyway, even though I’m pretty sure the only people who are reading this are my friends, if there are some poolees or prospective poolees out there reading this, look in to your benefits. Just being DEP’d in allowed me to qualify for this account, so look into what kind of shit you can get! And having a bank account is always a good thing anyway. I mean, once you go to bootcamp and start making your cash moneys, you have to have a place to put it, right?