So, I was at Knott’s Berry Farm with my roommate over the weekend and when we went to go get dinner at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant. First of all, holy crap that chicken was delicious. I think they brined the chicken (or something) before they deep fried it, because it was super moist and flavorful. Which is not always the case when it comes to fried chicken. So I was super stoked about that, but before we even sat down, this caught my eye:

I’ve developed major Marine Corps senses ever since I swore in and I seriously notice everything Marine Corps-related these days from people’s tattoos to stickers on cars. And I guess I can add wine to that list. I was going to take pictures of the text, but I got lazy. Actually, these pictures weren’t even taken by me. I had my roommate take them with her phone and then later I remembered, duh, I have my camera in my purse. Unfortunately, by then it was too late. But the cool thing that my roommate pointed out was that apparently, this wine is made for Marines by Marines! Badass, yo.

This is also the fullest glass of wine that I’ve ever received. Most of the time the glass is only about half full, but hey, no complaints here. I do like my wine. And despite the fact that I’m usually not a huge fan of Cabernet Sauvignon, this wasn’t bad. It wasn’t as… tannin-y (yeah, I have no idea what the adjectival form of tannin is. There probably isn’t one, but whatever) as most Cabernets are and it was incredibly smooth. I definitely dug it. Not bad, Marines. Not bad at all.



Pretty much, I would make the best boyfriend to any heterosexual woman. At the moment, that woman is my roommate. Now that I’ve quit my job (to have more time to get ready for boot camp, i.e. move my stuff back to my parents’ and such), I have more time to do stuff, like cook dinner! Which is what I did for my roommate and I the other day. And this was the result: sesame crusted salmon (thank you, Vons and your Five-Dollar Fridays), half-steamed, half-boiled broccoli, and onion and bell pepper quinoa. It was pretty tasty, if I can say so myself.

But, exciting news! I went to go do an official IST (just to see where I’m at) and guess what my hang time was? 24.7 seconds. I am so stoked. I started off not being able to even hold myself up there and now I’m almost at the required 25 seconds. Hell to the yes. And apparently, the guys at the RS were talking about how much I’ve improved, which is awesome because one, that means they actually remember me (which, honestly shouldn’t be that surprising, considering I’m probably one of the only Asian females they have) and two, they’re pleased with my progress. I’m pleased, too. No, not please. Try fucking ecstatic.

I do feel like I’ve neglected my running a little though… My run time kind of got slower. Whoops. But I don’t feel too bad, because my run time is still well within the limit and I just really, really, really, needed to get my hang time up.

And I still have five weeks… Five weeks, guys! Holy hell!

To start off, I just wanted to add as a disclaimer that I am twenty-two years old, which means that I am of legal drinking age in all fifty states, so nothing illegal is going down when I post about me and booze.

Doggery is an old school word for a dive, so I don’t feel so bad posting about alcohol on occasion. Recently, I went to Vons and found this Red Velvet wine from this vineyard called Cupcake and I have to admit that I like it for the most part (Vons was and still is having a 30% off sale on wine, just for your information). It’s a little light for my tastes, but there is a distinct sweetness to it that’s kind of nice, especially if you’re still getting used to red wine, but don’t want the full on sweetness of port wines.

And as an added bonus, I get weirdly productive when I drink, so I started baking. I’ve been a little obsessed with the flavor combination of green tea and white chocolate, so I baked some white chocolate shortbread cookies with white chocolate chips, which turned out quite well, despite my mild intoxication. The recipe I used was this one with the added bonus of some white baking chips.  I also made some double chocolate cookies because I felt like it. Unfortunately, I didn’t grease the pan, so they failed a little.

I really shouldn’t be eating food with so much butter, however, which makes it fortunate that I know a bunch of Marines who are in tip top shape who would love to consume some baked goods. I’m not sure if they’re fans of green tea, but I figure menfolk are generally not incredibly picky when it comes to to sweets. And it’s St. Patty’s Day this weekend, so they should appreciate green food.