Let’s see. I’m currently 22, a recent graduate of UC Santa Barbara (go Gauchos! Even though I still have no idea what the hell that is…), second generation Japanese American, USMC poolee, self-proclaimed writer, lover of Harry Potter, Mass Effect (and other video games), and all things TV. I have a weird obsession with crazy sneakers, I consider the couch my desk, and I probably sound like a singularly unimpressive individual. Which I probably am. Just don’t let me know that.



I would say that I’m going to try not to bore you, but y’know… if you really are bored reading this, then just click away from the page. It’s as simple as that. Why should it be my responsibility to keep you entertained? I AM NOT YOUR CLOWN.

Anyway, so I was born and raised in Silicon Valley (that’s in Northern California about forty-five minutes south of San Fransisco, fyi). Not much to say about that, except that, well… I guess it’s no surprise that I’m pretty tech-savvy, even though I honestly could have existed in a world without technology. I did go through a phase where I thought that I may have been born in the wrong time period and occasionally, I still do think that. I mean, I kind of treat text messages like snail mail. I’ll get one, read it, think about my response, and then finally reply a few days later. If you’re lucky.

My mother didn’t want me growing up to be a girly girl (or so she claims), but if that’s the case, I kind of have the feeling that that plan went a little too well, because when I was a kid, I was that girl who refused to wear skirts, had a physical aversion to dolls (which I think has evolved into a completely irrational fear of mannequins), and would choose Digimon over Spice Girls any day. Most of my good friends were guys growing up, at least until we reached that age where apparently hanging out with the opposite gender was considered uncool. Which was fine. I still ended up joining the primarily male saxophone section in the school band and I kicked ass at soccer and showed up all of the guys at Japanese school (that’s what you get for not letting me on your team, assholes!).

Unfortunately, I quit saxophone and soccer, but I went to college in Santa Barbara, spent a year running around Tokyo, did a bunch of random internships, got my degree in literature (almost as useful as basket-weaving), moved out to LA, and now I’m joining the Marine Corps as a combat correspondent. I spend my days playing video games, watching TV, and making grown men cry. I also have a weird obsession with werewolves and have had at least two instances where I managed to convince myself that I had become one (one involved a pentagram appearing in the palm of my hand and the other a man who bit me so hard that I still have scars from the encounter).

So that’s me. Part tomboy, part crazy person, all around geek. Gotta love it, yo.


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