nice to meet you again

So, I haven’t updated in forever. I would apologize, but then again, this is my blog, so y’know… I can do as I please. Regardless, I do feel a little bad, especially since important things happened, namely my graduation from boot camp and my becoming a Marine and all that. Unfortunately, I got lazy over boot leave and then I left for MCT (Marine Combat Training), so I wasn’t able to update.

But now I’m at Fort Meade, Maryland at DINFOS (Defense Information School) awaiting my school to get picked up. I have to say, it’s nice having soem time to relax and having me time. And a computer. It’s glorious, actually. I don’t even care that we have to wake up at 0400 for morning PT. I can go to sleep whenever I want to and since I haven’t started classes, I really don’t do much during the day. Mostly just chill and go on errands and all that. It’s pretty nice and it’s giving me a chance to get to know the other Marines here.

Anyway, I’m going to continue this trend of laziness and end this here. I’ll try to update again later, hopefully with pictures and whatnot, althought that would require me getting a camera first. It will happen at some point… I just need to get my mom to send me my stuff…


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