Monthly Archives: September 2012

Yeah, see that up there? The unofficial motto of the Marine Corps. Pretty much means that we get rushed around a lot and told to be places at certain times, only to spend a shit ton of time sitting around twiddling our thumbs. That’s kind of what’s going on right now at Fort Meade, but I honestly don’t really mind it. It was annoying at MCT, I admit, because we’d be forced to wake up 0400 and then we’d end up sitting around doing nothing until 0600, but here? It’s not so bad. Yeah, I got rushed over here right after MCT graduation only to find out that my classes don’t pick up until October, but things could be worse. At least here I get good PT, decent food, lots of free time, and I get treated like a real person.

And really, what more could you ask for?

Well, faster internet and less blocks on sites, I guess, but you can’t have everything, right? And I get weekends off here (even though I can’t wear civilian clothes or go off base for another week), which means chill time and sleeping in, so honestly, I really can’t complain. It’s nice here at Fort Meade. Or better than MCT or boot camp at least.

So in that sense, there isn’t really much to update on. When I get my camera (I’m having my mom send me a few of my personals), I might take pictures of a few things here and there, but other than that… I’m mainly just waiting to get off of limited liberty. And my first order of business? Go to a spa and get my hands and feet fixed, because that shit is nasty. I’ve never been to a spa, but I’ma go now, because I can’t walk around looking like this. I’ll never be able to wear open-toed shoes again.

Next order of business? Get some Asian food. I’ve already scouted a few places via yelp, so we’ll see how that goes.

In other news, our CO has scheduled a mandatory fun day for our squad, meaning we get to go to D.C! My squad is not amused, but I’m actually pretty stoked. I haven’t been to D.C. since that field trip in 8th grade, so y’know… Not to mention there’s bound to be hella good Vietnamese food there…


So, I haven’t updated in forever. I would apologize, but then again, this is my blog, so y’know… I can do as I please. Regardless, I do feel a little bad, especially since important things happened, namely my graduation from boot camp and my becoming a Marine and all that. Unfortunately, I got lazy over boot leave and then I left for MCT (Marine Combat Training), so I wasn’t able to update.

But now I’m at Fort Meade, Maryland at DINFOS (Defense Information School) awaiting my school to get picked up. I have to say, it’s nice having soem time to relax and having me time. And a computer. It’s glorious, actually. I don’t even care that we have to wake up at 0400 for morning PT. I can go to sleep whenever I want to and since I haven’t started classes, I really don’t do much during the day. Mostly just chill and go on errands and all that. It’s pretty nice and it’s giving me a chance to get to know the other Marines here.

Anyway, I’m going to continue this trend of laziness and end this here. I’ll try to update again later, hopefully with pictures and whatnot, althought that would require me getting a camera first. It will happen at some point… I just need to get my mom to send me my stuff…