It’s almost been a month now… Actually, it’s the 4th of June, so it’s almost exactly 2 months until graduation. Kind of crazy to think about. This week is actually the last week of phase 1 (out of 3) and phase 1 is supposed to be the worst. Even though my platoon is having a rough time and our DI’s are not happy with us, so… But, I just go one qualification out of the way, which feels quite satisfying. We have swim qual in the morning, which meant we splashed around and jumped off of things in full cammies and boots. It was fun, but a little tougher than I thought. Water all ups in my nose, yo.

But I sort of realized that I was so frustrated k=last time, I didn’t really relay what my typical day here on wonderful, sunny (ha) Parris Island. (Well, I guess it is sunny, but definitely not California sunny. We have random lightning storms. Super weird.) So, the typical day starts at 4 AM. We get woken up by a lot of yelling, then we have to get dressed, which takes a while, because the DI’s will tell us what garment to put on, count us down, inevitably someone will screw up, so we’ll have to take it off and that will happen a few times before we move on to the next piece of clothing and at some point, we will be dressed, at which time, it’s off to morning chow (breakfast). Then we go PT or do training or MCMAP or all of the above, get back, shower, (or just get wet and then change, pretty much), practice drill, go to aftermath chow, drill drill drill, and then go to evening chow. Then it’s just a little more drill, shower, free time, and bed time!

Obviously, there are variations of what we do, but that’s the gist of it. Even though next week (it’s like… the 10th of something now. God, these letters take forever), we’re going to phase 2, which means rifle range, so I’m sure it’ll be different. I’m super stoked to go to the range, even though we have to move, meaning an 8 mile hike with all of our gear. Hurray… Hopefully the pace won’t be too fast. Short legs, y’know.

Oh man though. So I had to get my hair cut before the rifle range because I was told it was going to get too long while we were over there and my hair cut is crooked now! /sobs. They call the hair stylist the butcher, haha. But she’s super nice and just getting that shampoo job was worth the $13 I paid… Haven’t been able to spend that much time on my hair in a month. Definitely one of the things I miss. Like doors on bathroom stalls. Yeah, we don’t have doors. It’s great. Also, I’m randomly craving those Dole cups from Disneyland. Really badly. And Yogurtland, LOL. Just shit to look forward to when I get back, I guess.

  1. Josh said:

    Here I am, sitting in bed, reading your letter. You are so hardcore. I can’t compete.

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