Holy Crap One More Week…

I know, I know… I haven’t updated in a while. The reason? Why, I’ve been traveling! My best friend from high school and I went on an epic road trip to the Northwest and it was a blast! We hit up Oregon, Washington, and Canada and I’m definitely glad we did it. I’d go into a detailed explanation of what we did, but I’m way too lazy to write it all out and I’ve also gotten myself a bit addicted to Pottermore (no shame), so I sort of want to get back to that…

But in an interesting turn of events, I received a call from my recruiter as well as some messages from Staff Sergeant and this public affairs rep. Apparently, they want to use me as the subject (or one of the subjects) of some TV documentary showcasing poolees’ last few days as civilians. I really have no other details about the project — I told the public affairs sergeant that I’d call her once I get back to the LA area. My recruiter said that that would be for the best, too. So I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated about that.

In other news… man, I really need to make sure I pass that IST. I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly good about PTing on the road trip, but I ran and stuff when I could. I hope I’m not just psyching myself out, har.

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  1. S said:

    Dying of anxiety waiting for you to text me back. Eeeeeeeeee!

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