Contract Signed. BOO-YAH

It’s official, folks. The public affairs job is mine. Apparently, Staff Sergeant had to call in a lot of favors to get me that job, so I’m super grateful to him. He was all, “Yeah, so you’d better fuckin’ come back and interview me or some shit.” Staff Sergeant, if I ever get the opportunity, hell yeah I will.

But speaking of Staff Sergeant, we got semi-yelled at yesterday before PT. Well, it wasn’t quite yelling… more like a warning. Apparently, one of the Marines who comes and helps us out sometimes said some shit about one of the recruiters to his girlfriend or whatever and so Staff Sergeant pulled a Scar and told him to leave and never come back. Seems harsh, but I don’t know… I kind of thought it was pretty telling of the camaraderie formed when you join the Corps and how that brotherhood can be both a good and a bad thing. On one hand, it’s good to see that other guys have your back, but on the other hand, I feel like I’m going to run into the issue of moral obligation vs. loyalty.

That’s just something I’ll have to deal with when I’m faced with it now, but it’s nice to have these reality checks once in a while. I think sometimes I romanticize the Marine Corps a little and I need the occasional tap on the head to remind me that once I’m in, things are going to be very, very real.

Mental preparation, I guess you could say.

But mostly I’m just stoked I got the job I wanted. Now I just need to work on passing the IST and I’m set, y’all.


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