The game plan

Figured it’d be good to write out how my schedule is supposed to go, both for my own reference and for other people’s benefit. Because, y’know… my life totally affects a whole bunch of peeps. /sarcasm

This is all pretty unofficial though, because dates can get moved around and things can get postponed and all that jazz, but it’s just good for me to lay things out.

  • Boot Camp: ship out May 7th, lasts 13 weeks (approx. graduation date is August 3rd)
  • Leave: 10 days of leave after boot camp
  • Marine Combat Training (MCT): Combat training in NC for 29 days
  • Defense Information School (DINFOS): MOS school for 6 months
  • Duty Station: Get assigned to first duty station. Likely places: Pendleton (CA), Lejeune (NC), or Okinawa, Japan

And that should do it. There’s a chance that my schedule might get thrown off depending on if I graduate on time from boot camp and if I go to DINFOS right away and all that, but all in all, I’m hoping everything will go smoothly and without crazy shit going down. At least not the bad kind of crazy shit. The good kind is always welcome. Makes for good stories. And pictures.

1 comment
  1. Jessica said:

    I wish I could visit you before you left =(

    Bah, how exciting for you though! I’m so proud and happy for you. It’s actually happening!!

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